Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets come in all makes, sizes, finishes, grades and design – whether you seek frames or frameless design – General Appliance & Kitchens serves the Berkeley/Oakland area and has the professionals to help you with your kitchen design and cabinet choices.

Kitchen cabinets often represent the largest expenditure in a kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen cabinets are also the centerpiece of your kitchen, so all other kitchen remodeling decisions, including countertop and appliance selections, depend on your selection of kitchen cabinets.

Lead times on kitchen cabinets can be long, sometimes taking as much as eight weeks or more. Therefore it is important you select, order and buy your kitchen cabinets as early as possible.

Kitchen cabinet selection begins with a floorplan and a target budget. With these and your functional kitchen requirements, your General Appliance kitchen designer can begin working on your kitchen design. As your kitchen design begins to take shape, you will need to make various decisions on your kitchen cabinets, including cabinet brand, styles, type of wood, construction, sizes, finishes, and even handle and knob choices. We can work with you to go over the various options and associated costs.


Granite countertops have been very popular for several years, but are they the best choice for your kitchen countertops? Granite is durable and can help raise the resale value of your home, but quartz countertops are a close second. Quartz countertops (also called engineered stone) have many of the advantages of natural stone, but are easier to maintain.

Other choices include solid-surface countertops, which are made of plastic, but they’re much nicer than laminate. Solid-surface countertops come in a huge range of styles and colors, from faux stone to funky and modern. Plus, solid surfaces are easier to repair than other types. Laminate, including Formica is the budget choice, and you might be able to save on installation costs. Choosing the best kitchen countertop really depends on whether you’re willing to compromise on costs and maintenance, and whether you’re considering your new countertops as a long-term investment or not.