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Vacuum Cleaners

General Appliance & Kitchens serves the Berkeley/Oakland area and provides top quality products to our customers. Come in and see the quality of today’s vacuums up close. We offer quality upright and canister vacuum cleaners from Miele.

Upright vacuums are generally best for those with a lot of carpet. Upright vacuums are generally considered less versatile than canisters, but many folks say they feel more comfortable pushing an upright than they do maneuvering a canister vac. Also, it may be more difficult to clean under beds and other furniture with uprights, because the heads (which house the brush) may be too tall. If this is a problem, look for a vacuum with a low-profile head or use a stick vacuum for cleaning under furniture.
Also, canister vacuums can be easier to carry and to use on stairs and upholstery.

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